TitleNorm-oriented programming language for electronic institutions
Publication TypeMiscellaneous
Year of Publication2005
AuthorsGarcía-Camino A, Rodriguez ROscar, Sierra C, Vasconcelos WW

Norms constitute a powerful coordination mechanism among heterogeneous agents [27, 4]. This work proposes a means to specify and control the normative dynamics of societies of software agents. For this we introduce a language with which one can explicitly manage the normative positions of agents [21] and distinct deontic notions and their relationships can be captured. This language is conceived as a machine language to facilitate norm-oriented programming and to found higher-level normative languages. We provide a modeltheoretic semantics to our formalism, as well as an operational semantics. Furthermore, we show that our rule-based language captures the expressiveness of a wide range of normative models and systems in the literature.