TitleWeb-i(2): Electronic Institutions: Extending the Core Notion. TIC2003-08763-C02
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2005
AuthorsNoriega P, Ossowski S.
EditorTroya J.M, Ossowski S.
Conference NameCEDI 2005. I Congreso español de informatica. 13-16 de septiembre. Granada. V Jornada de seguimiento de proyectos en tecnologias informáticas (TIN-MEC)
Pagination37 - 51

Electronic Institutions are means to implement interaction conventions for agents —human or software— who can establish commitments in a virtual environment. The Web-i(2) project explores different ways of using and extending the primitive notion of electronic institution. It is organized around three themes: the study of the ideas underlying electronic institutions (EIs), the development of tools and methodologies for the construction of EIs, and the actual construction of examples of EIs. The project draws inspiration from two main sources: the work on coordination in agent societies developed by the URJC team and the work on electronic institutions of the IIIA team. This document reports the results of the first twenty months of the project life.