TitleGrounding Reputation Experiments. A Replication of a Simple Market with Image Exchange
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2007
Authorsdi Salvatore A, Pinyol I, Paolucci M, Sabater-Mir J.
Conference NameProceedings of the Third International Model-to-Model Workshop. Marseille, France

In this paper we have compared two independent models implemented to analyze the effects of social information transmission. The first of them, Repage, is centered on an articulated theory of social evaluations. The second system, that has been developed in NetLogo, follows the same specifications of the Repage model but with several simplifications. We implemented the second model to confirm the reliability of the most simple results that can be obtained with Repage. We model the spreading of information in a simple market with the presence of liars and the possibility of retaliation. We want to compare the use of the experience alone with the usage of image (agents believed evaluation of a target) to find the good sellers. Both models give the same results in the different simulation sets. Image is shown to be preferable over experience only in particular situations.