TitleFrom Graphs to Euclidean Virtual Worlds: Visualization of 3D Electronic Institutions
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2007
AuthorsDrago S., Bogdanovych A, Ancona M., Simoff S, Berger H, Sierra C
Conference NameThirtieth Australasian Computer Science Conference

In this paper we propose an algorithm for automatic transformation of a graph into a 3D Virtual World and its Euclidean map, using the rectangular dual- ization technique. The nodes of the initial graph are transformed into rooms, the connecting arcs between nodes determine which rooms have to be placed next to each other and define the positions of the doors connecting those rooms. The proposed algorithm is general enough to be used for automatic generation of 3D Virtual Worlds representation of any planar graph, however, our research is particulary focused on the automatic generation of 3D Electronic Institu- tions from the Performative Structure graph.