TitleNormative Virtual Environments: Integrating Physical and Virtual under the One Umbrella
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2008
AuthorsBogdanovych A, Simoff S, Esteva M
Conference NameThird International Conference on Software and Data Technologies (IC-Soft 2008)
Conference LocationPorto
Date Published05/08/2008

The paper outlines a normative approach to the design of distributed applications that must consistently integrate a number of environments (i.e. form-based interfaces, 3D Virtual Worlds, physical world). The application of the described ideas is illustrated on the example of a fish market, which is an application that can simultaneously be accessed by the people from the physical world, people using form-based interfaces and people embodied in a 3D Virtual World as avatars. The Normative Virtual Environments approach in this case allows for maintaining a consistent causal connection amongst all these environments