TitleInformation-Based Reputation
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2009
AuthorsSierra C, Debenham J
EditorPaolucci M
Conference NameFirst International Conference on Reputation: Theory and Technology
Conference LocationGargonza, Italy
ISBN Number978-88-85059-27-6

Information-based agents use tools from information theory to evalu- ate their utterances and to build their world model. When embedded in a social network these agents measure the strength of information flow in this sense. This leads to a model of information-based reputation in which agents share opin- ions, and observe the way in which their opinions effect the opinions of others. A method is proposed that supports the deliberative process of combining opinions into a group’s reputation. The reliability of agents as opinion givers are measured in terms of the extent to which their opinions differ from that of the group repu- tation. These reliability measures are used to form an a priori reputation estimate given the individual opinions of a set of independent agents.