TitleLogical approaches to fuzzy similarity-based reasoning: an overview
Publication TypeBook Chapter
Year of Publication2008
AuthorsGodo L, Rodriguez ROscar
Book TitlePreferences and Similarities
Series Volume504

The aim of this paper is to survey some logical formalizations of similarity-based reasoning models, where similarity is understood as truthlikeness. The overview is structured is as follows. First, we introduce two different logical approaches, one syntactically and another semantically oriented, in order to formalize fuzzy similarity reasoning. Then we describe the main ideas behind the syntactic model based on the notion of approximate proof, and behind the semantical model based on several notions of approximate entailments. For these entailments we provide four different formalisations in terms of suitable systems modal and conditional logics, including for each class a system of graded operators with classical semantics and a system with many-valued operators. Finally, we also explore some nonmonotonic issues of similarity- based reasoning.