TitleTowards a platform for on-line mediation
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2009
AuthorsNoriega P, de Toro CLópez
EditorPoblet M, Shild U, Zeleznikow J
Conference NameProc. Workshop on Legal and Negotiation Decision Support Systems (LDSS 2009) in conjunction with ICAIL 2009
PublisherCEUR Workshop Proceedings
Conference LocationBarcelona
Date Published12/06/2009
Keywordselectronic institutions, Mediation, multiagent systems

In this paper we describe a prototype for a generic platform to support actual on-line mediation. The immediate purpose of the prototype is to provide working examples of the computer artifacts that may be implemented to support current and foreseeable mediation practices. The ultimate objective, however, is to facilitate the deployment of appropriate ODR environments. The proposal is motivated by the production of a "White Book on Mediation in Catalonia" commissioned by the Catalan Government. This paper illustrates how different ODR processes –like negotiation protocols of different types, arbitration or non-intrusive mediation– plus the preparatory and ancillary subprocesses –like convening the parties, caucuses, anonymous proposal registration, mediator selection– may be specified and then assembled into more or less elaborate mediation support systems tailored to the needs and preferences of each mediation provider. This proposal is based on the notion of electronic institution and is being implemented using the IIIA's EIDE platform.