TitleAn Electronic Institution for Simulating Water-Right Markets
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2010
AuthorsBotti V, Garrido A, Gimeno JA, Giret A, Igual F, Noriega P
Conference NameIII Workshop on Agreement Technologies at IBERAMIA 2010 (WAT 2010)
Conference LocationBahía Blanca, Argentina
Date Published01/11/2010

In countries like Spain, and particularly in its Mediterranean coast, there is a high degree of public awareness of the main consequences of the scarcity of water and the need of fostering efficient use of water resources. Two new mechanisms for water management already under way are: a heated debate on the need and feasibility of transferring water from one basin to another, and, directly related to this proposal, the regulation of water banks1. This paper is about mWater, an agent-based electronic market of water rights. Our focus is on demand and, in particular, on the type of regulatory and market mechanisms that foster an efficient use of water while preventing conflicts. In this work we present the regulated environment which is implemented as an Electronic Institution for simulating water-right markets in order to evaluate the impacts of different regulations on the market behavior