TitleThe Role of MAS as a Decision Support Tool in a Water-Rights Market
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2011
AuthorsBotti V, Garrido A, Giret A, Noriega P
Conference NameInternational Workshop on Agent-based Modeling for Policy Engineering (AMPLE@AAMAS’2011)
Conference LocationTaipei, Taiiwan
Date Published02/05/2011

Water is getting a more and more scarce resource, which motivates the idea of designing a framework where water rights may be exchanged more freely, thus leading to a more efficient use of water. In this paper, we present a water-right market embedded within a decision support tool designed as a multi-agent system. To our knowledge, there are many sophisticated decision support systems for water management from a hydrological perspective, but they lack of a social perspective. Using a multi-agent system allows us to design intelligent agents that mimic humans, thus implementing different factors such as (mis)conducts, trust criteria and users willingness to water-right trading. Within a decision support tool, we can dynamically change norms and regulation at no cost, and explore the impact on the evolution of the market. Mixing all these elements together, we have implemented our mWater system as an electronic institution that demonstrates very appealing for decision taking and policy makers to test: i) how regulations and norms may modify the users' behaviour, and ii) how the quality indicators of the market are affected.