TitleArgumentation-based Negotiation in t-DeLP-POP
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2011
AuthorsPardo P, Dellunde P, Godo L
Conference Name14th International Conference of the Catalan Association for Artificial Intelligence (CCIA 2011)
EditionC. Fernández, H. Geffner, F. Manya
PublisherIOS Press
ISBN Number978-1-60750-841-0

In this contribution, we propose to model argumentation-based negotiation in terms of t-DeLP-POP, a partial order planning system that incorporates temporal defeasible logic. This logic combines temporal facts and durative rules into temporal arguments. We propose a dialogue protocol for the negotiation of plans in this planning system that models a variety of scenarios for argumentative nego- tiation of complex services. Then we consider case studies in the literature can be naturally modeled by dialogues in this logic-based planning framework.