TitleTowards Community Browsing for Shared Experiences: The WeBrowse System
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2012
AuthorsYee-King M, Confalonieri R, de Jonge D, Osman N, Hazelden K, Amgoud L, Prade H, Sierra C, d'Inverno M
Conference NameThe first International Conference on Agreement Technologies
Conference LocationDubrovnik, Croatia
Date Published15/10/2012
Keywordsshared browsing

We introduce the new concept of community browsing: a group of people browsing the web together and simultaneously. Community browsing is part of the broader notion of shared experience, where individuals share the experience of an event. We have developed a prototype of a mobile application that enables community browsing, and involves new technologies such as a peer-to-peer Electronic Institution and bipolar preference aggregation.