TitleWeCurate: Designing for synchronised browsing and social negotiation
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2012
AuthorsHazelden K, Yee-King M, Amgoud L, d'Inverno M, Sierra C, Osman N, Confalonieri R, de Jonge D
Conference NameThe first International Conference on Agreement Technologies
Conference LocationDubrovnik, Croatia
Date Published15/10/2012
Keywordsshared browsing application

WeCurate is a shared image browser for collaboratively curating a virtual exhibition from a cultural image archive. This paper is concerned with the evaluation and iteration of a prototype UI (User Interface) design to enable this community image browsing. In WeCurate, several remote users work together with autonomic agents to browse the archive and to select, through negotiation and voting, a set of images which are of the greatest interest to the group. The UI allows users to synchronize viewing media, assists navigating the cultural institutions extensive database and users negotiations about which images should be added to the group’s image collection. The objective of WeCurate is to provide a platform for a sociocultural experience, combining the actions of autonomic agents and users to facilitate decision-making, and Electronic Institutions to articulate and structure the behavioural norms of groups.