TitleAn Infrastructure for Human Inclusion in MAS
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2012
AuthorsAlmajano P, Trescak T, Rodriguez I, López-Sánchez M
Conference NameECAI 2012: 20th European Conference on Artificial Intelligence
Conference LocationMontpellier, France
KeywordsHuman-agent interaction, MAS infrastructure

The field of Multi-Agent Systems (MAS) focuses on the design and development of systems composed of autonomous entities (i.e. agents) which interact in order to perform specific activities. In general, direct human participation in these systems is not considered. We advocate that 3D Virtual Worlds technology can be used to facilitate human inclusion in a MAS system. This idea is taken in Virtual Institutions (VI) which combine 3D Virtual Worlds and Electronic Institutions, an organisational MAS. In this demo we present an infrastructure, the Virtual Institutions eXEcution Environment (VIXEE), which enables the development and execution of VIs. We also provide an example application named virtual mWater (v-mWater) modelled as a VI using VIXEE. It illustrates the immersive experience provided to human participants as well as the enhancement of human-agent interactions.