TitleSoft Global Constraints in Distributed Constraint Optimization
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2012
AuthorsBessière C, Brito I, Gutierrez P, Meseguer P
Conference NameAAMAS 2012 workshop: International Workshop on Optimisation in Multi-Agent Systems
Conference LocationValencia, Spain
Date Published04/06/2012

In the centralized context, global constraints have been essential for the advancement of constraint reasoning. In this paper we propose to include soft global constraints in distributed constraint optimization problems (DCOPs), using three representations: direct, binary and nested. We extend the distributed search algorithm BnB-ADOPT$^+$ to support these three representations of global constraints. In addition, we explore the relation of global constraints with soft local consistency in DCOPs, in particular for the generalized soft arc consistency (GAC) level. We include specific propagators for the \emph{soft-all-different} and the \emph{soft-at-most} constraint and measure their impact in the solving process, providing empirical results on several benchmarks.