TitleTrust, Negotiations and Virtual Currencies for a Sharing Economy
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2015
Authorsde Jonge D, Sierra C
Conference NameAgreement Technologies 2015
Conference LocationAthens, Greece
Date Published17/12/2015
KeywordsAutomated Negotiation, Sharing Economy, Social Networks, Trust, Virtual Currency

We propose an application that allows users to request other users for help with every-day tasks. Users can pay each other for these tasks by issuing contracts in which the requester promises to return the favor in the future by performing some task for the other. Such contracts can be seen as an alternative currency, coined by the users themselves. Trust is an essential aspect of this system, as the issuer of a contract may fail to fulfill its commitments. Therefore, the application comes with a social network where users can leave comments about other users. Furthermore, our application includes a market place where users can exchange service contracts between each other, and a negotiation