TitleArgument-Based Case Revision in CBR for Story Generation
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2015
AuthorsOntañón S, Plaza E, Zhu J
Conference NameCase-Based Reasoning Research and Development, Proc. ICCBR-2015
PublisherSpringer - Verlag
Conference LocationFrankfurt
Date Published28/09/2015
ISBN Number978-3-319-24585-0
KeywordsAmalgam, Argumentation, CBR, Revise

This paper presents a new approach to case revision in case-based reasoning based on the idea of argumentation. Previous work on case reuse has proposed the use of operations such as case amalgamation (or merging), which generate solutions by combining information coming from different cases. Such approaches are often based on exploring the search space of possible combinations looking for a solution that maximizes a certain criteria. We show how Revise can be performed by arguments attacking specific parts of a case produced by Reuse, and how they can guide and prevent repeating pitfalls in future cases. The proposed approach is evaluated in the task of automatic story generation.