TitleSAMAP: An user-oriented adaptive system for planning tourist visits
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2008
AuthorsCastillo L, Armengol E, Onaindía E, Sebastiá L, González-Boticario J, Rodriguez A, Fernández S, Arias JD, Borrajo D
JournalExpert Systems with Applications

In this paper we presented SAMAP, whose goal is to build a software tool to help different people visit different cities. This tool integrates modules that dynamically capture user models, determine lists of activities that can provide more utility to a user given the past experience of the system with similar users, and generates plans that can be executed by the user. This system is intended to work in portable devices (mobile phones, PDAs, etc) with internet connection. In this paper, we describe the architecture, the knowledge model that is shared among components using an ontology, and the three components of the tool: user modeule, case-base module and planning module.