TitleA Virtual World Grammar for automatic generation of virtual worlds
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2010
AuthorsTrescak T, Esteva M, Rodriguez I
JournalThe Visual Computer
Date Published04/2010
Keywords3D virtual worlds, CAD, multi-agent systems, Shape grammars, Virtual institutions

Hybrid systems such as those that combine 3D virtual worlds and organization based multiagent systems add new visual and communication features for multiuser applications. The design of such hybrid and dynamic systems is a challenging task. In this paper, we propose a system that can automatically generate a 3D virtual world (VW) from an organization based multiagent system (MAS) specification that establishes the activities participants can engage on. Both shape grammar and virtual world paradigms inspired us to propose a Virtual World Grammar (VWG) to support the generation process of a virtual world design. A VWG includes semantic information about both MAS specification and shape grammar elements. This information, along with heuristics and validations, guides the VW generation producing functional designs. To support the definition and execution of a Virtual World Grammar, we have developed a so named Virtual World Builder Toolkit (VWBT). We illustrate this process by generating a 3D visualization of a virtual institution from its specification.