TítuloNorm enforceability in Electronic Institutions?
Publication TypeBook Chapter
Year of Publication2011
AuthorsCriado N, Argente E, Garrido A, Gimeno JA, Igual F, Botti V, Noriega P
Book TitleCoordination, Organization, Institutions and Norms in agent systems VI
Series Volume6541
Palabras claveelectronic institutions, normative agents, normative systems

Nowadays Multi-Agent Systems require more and more regulation and normative mechanisms in order to assure the correct and secure execution of the interactions and transactions in the open virtual organization they are implementing. The Electronic Institution approach for developing Multi-Agent Systems implements some enforceability mechanisms in order to control norms execution and observance. In this paper we study a complex situation in a regulated environment in which the enforceability mechanisms provided by the current Electronic Institutions implementation cannot deal appropriately with norm observance. The analyzed situation is exemplied with a specic scenario of the mWater regulated environment, an electronic market for water-rights transfer. After this example is presented, we extrapolate it to a more generic domain while also addressing the main issues for its application in general scenarios.