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Recruitment Intelligent Matching System
Feb 2011 - Ago 2013
Investigador principal
IIIA Collaborators
Project description
Led by Careesma, the objective of this R&D project is to improve the experience of the job-search website users. Currently, most of the job-search portals are very simple: Candidates post Resumes/CV and search for a job following some criteria, applying to some job offers and finally wait for a response from the company. Companies publish their job offers and wait for the applicants, then they need to evaluate manually the candidates to pick the correct one. RIMAS explores new methods to change this working model: For candidates: detect which of the vacancies existing on the site are best suited to your profile, work experience, academic background, skills, ... For business: Identify the best candidates among the applicants for a job, rejecting those that do not match their expectations with a simple click. It also recommends the best candidates available in the database that have not applied to theoffer but who match all ( or most ) requirements for the job.
Research Line
Agreement Technologies - Semantic Alignment