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European Network for Social Intelligence
Jun 2011 - Dic 2014
Project description

SINTELNET is a Coordination Action whose aim is to explore the interplay of future and emerging information technologies and the development of Philosophy, Humanities and the Social Sciences. Traditional distinctions between the natural, the social and the artificial are becoming more and more blurred as radically new forms of Information Technology-enabled social environments are formed. These changes create the need to re-explore basic concepts of Philosophy, Humanities and Social Sciences.

The aim of the European Network for Social Intelligence is twofold: - To look into those IT-enabled domains as a means for the critical examination of those basic concepts and, - To propose new approaches to understand and develop future IT-enabled social situations, by adapting and applying traditional concepts.

SINTELNET stimulates debate and coordinates scientific research by - Organising a series of inter-disciplinary, thematic workshops that bring together key players in diverse, relevant sub-areas. - Hosting Working Groups who will deliver studies and position papers as well as identify emerging topics and important research challenges. - Sponsoring short time academic visits and organization of related events - Creating guidelines and policy documents.