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Strategic management of high performande sales team
Dec 2013 - Nov 2015
Project description

The project proposes the development of pre-commercial prototype of a cloud-based and mobile service for strategic management of high performance sales teams in retail organizations. The final application will support continuous improvement of sales processes using Artificial Intelligence technologies such as trust and reputation technologies, "What-if" analysis and feasibility study based on optimization techniques; and “skill matching” techniques based on multi-attribute decision theory.

The new product will provide effective management of sales plans. Functionalities such as simulation of sales scenarios (What-if analysis) will determine which changes in sales plans will improve the key performance indicators. It will allow to detect similarities among sales areas in order to recommend plans that have already been successful in similar areas, and evaluate potential sales scenarios (viability) to determine whether or not expected goals could be achieved. Automatic control of sales teams will provide measures on people such as the trust on plans compliance (proposed for higher roles) and will compute the reputation gained by the salesman in their relationship, both within the company and with its customers. Using obtained knowledge while monitoring teams, lack of skills within the entire organization will be detected, and also the need for promotion, formation or recruitment would be suggested. All these measures, calculated automatically, could give a clearer inside and learning about the retail organization in order to improve its effectiveness.