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Jan 2010 - Dec 2012
Main researcher
External Researchers
Nicholas R. Jennings,Simeon Simoff,
Project description
Self-* systems, where * stands for a number of properties such as self-organisation, self-configuration, self-diagnose or self-repair, are systems capable of managing themselves. They provide the most convenient alternative for software development in open, unstructured and dynamic environments. These are the characteristics of a new surge of emerging application domains composed with a wealth of devices and software and human agents. These applications require the effective coordination among participants to achieve their global and individual goals. Furthermore, coordination mechanisms have to be adapted over time to continue being effective under environmental changes. Virtual worlds (VW) are interactive, computer generated 3D environments where participants come together for a variety of self and group determined purposes. They are a successful technology to integrate humans in computer systems. The main aim of this project is to apply multi-agent technologies to the engineering of self-* systems composed of software and/or human agents, while paying special attention to those that are to be virtually embedded. We propose to achieve that aim by fulfilling the following three objectives: 1. To design new computational models and algorithms for their application to the achievement of coordination in self-* systems. 2. To develop a simulation environment to test virtually-embedded self-* systems. 3. To construct three proof-of-concept prototypes that illustrate the algorithms and technologies created in the project.
Research Line
Self-* Systems