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Applied Philosophy for the Value-Based Design of Social Network Apps
abr. 2018 - abr. 2020
Project description

AppPhil introduces a novel methodology and mechanism, based on value-based design, for building responsible technologies that respect and adhere to evolving values and norms of a community. Our objective is to put humans in control of technologies that support their everyday interactions and participation in their community; to have humans not only using technology, but shaping and co- creating their technology according to their evolving needs and values.

The project focuses on the philosophical and ethical thinking about values and norms in social networks, but has also an applied approach. We will use the prototype app uHelp ( as a motivating example and use case for our research, and make a philosophical analysis of the values of norms that the app promotes. All along this process the communities that use this support app will participate.

AppPhil is an interdisciplinary proposal, presented by two institutions, the Department of Philosophy of the UAB and the Artificial Intelligence Research Institute IIIA-CSIC, with two principal investigators, a senior professor of the UAB, and a young scientist with a permanent position at the IIIA-CSIC. This project will contribute with a research of excellence to an important cutting-edge area in both philosophy and artificial intelligence, but overall AppPhil will promote the involvement of the society in the development of novel social technologies.