TítolOn the formal specification of electronic institutions
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2001
AuthorsEsteva M, Rodríguez-Aguilar JA, Sierra C, García P, Arcos JLluis
EditorDignum F, Sierra C
Conference NameLecture notes in artificial intelligence

In this article we argue that open agent organisations can be effectively designed and implemented as institutionalized electronic organisations ('electronic institutions') composed of a vast amount of heterogeneous (human and software) agents playing different roles and interacting by means of speech acts. Here we take the view that the desing and development of electronic institutions must be guided by a principled methodology. Along this direction, we advocate for the presence of an underlying formal method that underpins the use of structured design techniques and formal analysis, facilitating development, composition and reuse. For this purpose we propose a specification formalism for electronic institutions that found their design, analysis and development.