TítolGenerating 3D Virtual Environments Using The Virtual World Builder Toolkit
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2010
AuthorsTrescak T, Esteva M, Rodriguez I
Conference NameCGI 2010
Conference LocationSingapore
Date Published08/06/2010

Hybrid systems such as those that combine 3D virtual worlds and organization based multiagent systems add new visual and communication features for multi-user applications. In this paper we present a tool called Virtual World Builder Toolkit (VWBT) that can automatically generate a 3D virtual worlds (VW) from an organization based multiagent system (MAS) specification that establishes the activities participants can engage on. This tool provides a comfortable defini- tion and execution of Virtual World Grammars (VWG) which are an extension of shape grammars to support the generation of virtual world designs.