TitleMulti Agent approach for the representation and execution of Medical Protocols
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2006
AuthorsRobles A, Noriega P, Luck M, Cantú F, Rodriguez F
Conference Name4th Workshop on Agents Applied in Health Care. ECAI 2006

This paper reports on our progress towards a framework for enabling intelligent organizations using MAS technology. Namely, the first stages of a bottom-up approach to the implementation of the framework. This time we discuss how it can be used for defining and executing medical protocols and show how we are applying the framework to implement an outpatient care medical protocol. We show how an outpatient care protocol, currently operational, has been agentified and is controlled by an organization middleware that is a preliminary version of the organization engine we proposed as part of our framework. The organization middleware reads workflow scripts at run-time and interprets them delegating tasks to specialized server agents that manage the access to medical records and business rules. These server agents in turn, communicate with specialized user agents that facilitate human interactions through traditional plain and grid forms.