TitleA hotel infromation system implementation using MAS technology
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2006
AuthorsRobles A, Noriega P, Robles MJulio, Hernández H, Ramirez VSoto, Gutierrez E
JournalAAMAS 2006

This paper reports on our progress towards a framework for enabling Intelligent Organizations with agent technologies. We have built and deployed the part of the framework consisting of organizational middleware and domain agents. The organizational middleware reads workflow scripts at run time and interprets them delegating to specialized server agents access to business rules and data bases. Those server agents, in turn, communicate with specialized user agents that facilitate human interactions through traditional plain and grid forms. We have used these ideas to transform a conventional Hotel Information System into a multi layered, agent supported information system. Our MAS-ified hotel information system is already in operation in 10 hotels with a total of 2040 rooms.