Titlet-DeLP: a temporal extension of the defeasible logic programming argumentative framework
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2011
AuthorsPardo P, Godo L
EditorBenferhat S., Grant J.
Conference NameSUM 2011
Conference LocationDayton (Ohio), USA
Date Published10/10/2011
KeywordsArgumentation, Defeasible logic programming, temporal extension

The aim of this paper is to offer an argumentation-based defeasible logic that enables forward reasoning with time. We extend the $\DeLP$ logical framework by associating temporal parameters to literals. A temporal logic program is a set of temporal literals and durative rules. These temporal facts and rules combine to into durative arguments representing temporal processes, that permit us to reason defeasibly about future states. The corresponding notion of logical consequence, or warrant, is defined slightly different from that of $\DeLP$, due to the temporal aspects. As usual, this notion takes care of inconsistencies, and in particular we prove the consistency of any logical program whose strict part is consistent. Finally, we define and study a sub-class of arguments that seem appropriate to reason with natural processes, and suggest a modification to the framework that is equivalent to restricting the logic to this class of arguments.