TitleE2 Participation: Electronically Empowering Citizens for Social Innovation through Agreement Technologies
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2013
AuthorsChesñevar C., Estevez E, Sierra C, Osman N
Conference Name14th Annual International Conference on Digital Government Research
Conference LocationQuébec, Canada
Date Published17/06/2013

Following the open government trend and based on its three principles – collaboration, transparency and participation; participation initiatives are been conducted by many governments around the world. Despite the wide range and variety of such initiatives, most of them face a common technical challenge – lack of technical tools to automatically summarize stakeholders’ opinions and discussions. Addressing the challenge, this paper introduces a new concept on e-Participation research – Electronic Empowerment (E2) Participation, a new approach to automatically identify collective thinking patterns in e-Participation initiatives. The concept was coined as part of a multi-disciplinary research project aiming at integrating Artificial Intelligence and Software Engineering techniques and tools with Electronic Governance models and principles to design innovative tools for e- Participation. Since our research work is at its early stages, the main contribution of this paper is introducing the E2 Participation concept and outlining a framework for its implementation.