TitleRegulating Virtual Interactions
Publication TypeBook Chapter
Year of Publication2007
AuthorsNoriega P
EditorCasanovas P, Noriega P, Bourcier D, Galindo F
Book TitleTrends in Legal Knowledge. The Semantic Web and the Regulation of Electronic Social Systems
PublisherEuropean Press Academic Publishing
ISBN Number9788883980497

The evolution of internet has brought about many forms of virtual interactions, like e-learning or e-goverment, whose aim is to achieve an objective that is shared by those parties that interact. It is not unusual that in order for such interactions to be effective, they may require the explicit definition of conventions that participants should abide by, not unlike traditional social interactions. In this paper I explore one way of organizing virtual interactions that is known as an electronic institution. My purpose is to break ground for a discussion with legal thinkers by showing how these artifacts address some of the concerns that have traditionally been in the domain of legal reasoning in as much as they constitute a particular type of regulated social environment where participants may be humans as well as software agents.