TitleStrong Planning in the Logics of Communication and Change (extended version with proofs) - 10th International Workshop, DALT 2012, Valencia, Spain, June 4, 2012, Revised Selected Papers
Publication TypeBook Chapter
Year of Publication2013
AuthorsPardo P, Sadrzadeh M
EditorM. al. Bet
Book TitleDeclarative Agent Languages and Technologies X
Date Published04/06/2012
PublisherSpringer Berlin Heidelberg
CityValencia, Spain
KeywordsDynamic Epistemic Logic, Planning

In this contribution we study how to adapt Backward Plan search to the Logics of Communication and Change LCC. These are dynamic epistemic logics with common knowledge modeling the way in which announcements, sensing and world-changing actions modify the beliefs of agents or the world itself. The proposed LCC planning system greatly expands the social complexity of scenarios involving cognitive agents that can be solved. For example, goals or plans may consist of a certain distribution of beliefs and ignorance among agents. Our results include: soundness and completeness of backward planning (breadth first search), both for deterministic and strong non-deterministic planning.