TitleAgent-based agreement over concept meaning using contrast sets
Publication TypeBook Chapter
Year of Publication2015
AuthorsAdrian K, Plaza E
Book TitleArtificial Intelligence Research and Development: Proc. 18th Catalan Conference on Artificial Intelligence
Series Volume277
Pagination19 - 28
PublisherIOS Press
ISBN Number978-1-61499-577-7
KeywordsAgent communication, Argumentation, Evolving Semantics

We develop a model for 2 agents to reach agreement over concept meaning in specific contexts. The model is based on an argumentation-based communication that engage the agents in a process of mutual adaptation using argumentation to reach an agreement over concept meaning. Our approach is to model concept meaning using the semiotic triangle and the notion of contrast sets. We implement and evaluate present three common sense scenarios where two agents argue and reach agreements over the contextual meaning of concepts.