TitleImproving Tree decomposition methods with function fuction filtering
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2005
AuthorsMeseguer P, Larrosa J, Sánchez M
EditorGiunchiglia F, Kaelbling LPack, Macintosh A, Bramer M
Conference NameNineteenth International Joint Conference on Artificial Intelligence. Edinburgh, Scotland. IJCAI-05
PublisherMorgan Kaufman, Elsevier
Pagination1537 -1538

Nineteenth International Joint Conference on Artificial Intelligence EDINBURGH, SCOTLAND 30 JULY - 5 AUGUST 2005Tree decomposition can solve weighted CSP, but with a high spatial complexity. To improve its practical usage, we present function filtering, a strategy to decrease memory consumption. Function filtering detects and removes some tuple that appear to be consistent but that will become inconsistent when extended to other variables. We show empirically the benefits of our approach.