TitleA Semantic Network-based Evolutionary Algorithm for Modeling Memetic Evolution and Creativity
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2014
AuthorsBaydin AGünes, de Mántaras RLópez, Ontañón S
JournalEvolutionary Intelligence
KeywordsAnalogical Reasoning, Evolutionary Computation, memetic algorithms, Memetics

We introduce a novel evolutionary algorithm (EA) with a semantic network-based representation. For enabling this, we establish new formulations of EA variation operators, crossover and mutation, that we adapt to work on semantic networks. The algorithm employs commonsense reasoning to ensure all operations preserve the meaningfulness of the networks, using ConceptNet and WordNet knowledge bases. The algorithm can be classied as a novel memetic algorithm (MA), given that (1) individuals represent pieces of information that undergo evolution, as in the original sense of memetics as it was introduced by Dawkins; and (2) this is dierent from existing MA, where the word \memetic" has been used as a synonym for local renement after global optimization. For evaluating the approach, we introduce an analogical similarity-based tness measure that is computed through structure mapping. This setup enables the open-ended generation of networks analogous to a given base network.