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Inscription term: 
De 28 Mayo 2018 hasta 30 Junio 2018
Start date: 
As soon as good candidates are found the offers will be covered.
Research dept.: 
Departamento de Sistemas de Aprendizaje

The IIIA-CSIC offers two contracts as research developer in the area of Machine Learning, Healthcare and Music.

The first contract is for one year extendable to two years. The second contract is for six months.

Job Description 

As research developer you will be involved in a the research project “Playing and Singing for the Recovering Brain” funded by “La Marató de TV3”. 

Next, we provide a list of tasks which have to be done in the project and in which you, depending on your qualifications, can be involved:

  • Participate in the co-design of a proposal for the use of music training to induce motor recovery.
  • Managing a technical infrastructure for capturing real-time information (midi) from a keyboard.
  • Designing an App connected to a musical keyboard (Android).
  • Designing machine learning algorithms to model and personalize training sessions.
  • Developing software (both on the server-side and on the client-side).
  • Documenting software.
  • Writing technical documents.
  • Providing support to a Randomized Control trial.


The positions are a very good opportunity to be actively involved in research in Machine Learning. The candidate is expected to boost his knowledge in this topics during this challenging project. 

The positions can open ground towards continuing with the development of a PhD in case the candidate is motivated to pursue a research career.


The candidates are requested to:

  • Have finished a degree in computer science. A double degree with Mathemathics will be highly valued.
  • Be eager to learn new mathematical models and technologies, specifically in the Big Data/Machine Learning area.
  • Have a good knowledge of Python.
  • Be able to work with development tools such as Git.
  • Be proficient developers.
  • Have excellent marks.
  • Be heavy workers and motivated by challenges.
Please contact Dr. Josep Lluís Arcos as soon as possible if you are interested in the positions by directly sending an e-mail to