Offer type: 
Inscription term: 
De 01 Enero 2015 hasta 13 Septiembre 2009
Start date: 
October 2009
The initial duration of the contract is 6 months but the contract has the possibility to be exteded for a year. 1.629 eur/month (22.800 eur/year)
Technical degree in Computer Science, Electronics or Telecomunications. Music background, sound analysis / synthesis expertise, or machine learning experience will be appreciated. European citizenship or working visa.

Development of a platform for the analysis and synthesis of plucked string instruments.

The research is focused on the study of the expressivity resources using machine learning techniques.

Please fill out the following web application form with: your personal data a short statement, in English, of why you are interested in joining IIIA-CSIC contact information of one or two persons who are willing to provide confidential academic references At the same time you will be required to upload a zip-file containing, in PDF format: a complete CV an academic transcript with grade point average any relevant scientific publications, if applicable