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De 15 Abril 2019 hasta 16 Junio 2019
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September 2019
The Phd is a joint collaboration between Eurecat and IIIA-CSIC under the program "Beques de doctorat Vicente Lopez" (see
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Departamento de Sistemas de Aprendizaje

To live longer, healthier and more active, people at any age has to follow simple and clear

suggestions that cover all the 4 pillars of health: physical activity, nutrition, mindfulness, and

sleeping. Unfortunately, due to the intrinsic (e.g., daily-life habits) and extrinsic (e.g.,

environmental change) factors, people are far to have a healthy life and, thus, there is an

increase of chronic diseases, mental disorders, and premature death. In the literature, several

behavioural change theories have been defined and studied to help people to make a change in

their life. 

In this Ph.D. thesis, we will investigate how to design, implement, and validate a holistic recommender system inspired by behavioural change theories and taking into account the 4 pillars of health all together.

The recommender system will be designed with AI and ML capabilities able to personalize the experience to the kind of user considering working and daily-life habits, age, gender, health status, and preferences.

The candidates are requested to:

  • Have finished a degree in computer science. A double degree with Mathemathics will be highly valued.
  • Be eager to learn new mathematical models and technologies, specifically in the Big Data/Machine Learning area.
  • Have a good knowledge of Python.
  • Be able to work with development tools such as Git.
  • Be a proficient developer.
  • Have excellent marks.
  • Be a heavy worker and motivated by challenges.




Please contact Dr. Josep Lluís Arcos if you are interested in the positions by directly sending an e-mail to