Offer type: 
Inscription term: 
De 25 Febrero 2019 hasta 15 Marzo 2019
Start date: 
1st July 2019 at the latest. It may be possible to start earlier than this depending on the candidates’ circumstances.
20,811€ per annum, payed in 14 instalments (1,486.50€ per month)
High-quality master’s degree in computer science, mathematics, cognitive science or related fields (or have completed equivalent qualifications), good communication skills in English, and be able to demonstrate strong motivation to conduct research.


The Artificial Intelligence Research Institute (IIIA-CSIC) offers a three year pre-doctoral research position for students wanting to pursue a full-time PhD degree in Artificial Intelligence. The position will be led by Dr. Marco Schorlemmer and Prof. Enric Plaza.

Contemporary cognitive science has provided evidence that a large part of our creative reasoning and problem-solving processes are grounded on our bodily experience with the world. By means of this research position we aim at studying the implications this has for computational models of meaning, concept invention, creativity, and problem-solving in general (for further information see the book at

The IIIA-CSIC (which is located on the UAB campus near Barcelona) belongs to the Spanish National Research Council, Spain’s largest public institution devoted to research and technological development. The IIIA-CSIC is a leading research centre in Europe in the area of Artificial Intelligence, funded with projects from the European, Spanish, and Catalan governments as well as substantial collaborative contracts with the private sector. 




By email to Dr. Marco Schorlemmer ( including a zip file containing:

  • your complete CV in PDF format;
  • a short statement, in English, of why you are interested in this position;
  • an academic transcript with grade point average;
  • name and contact information of one or two persons who are willing to provide confidential references;
  • any relevant scientific reports or publications, if applicable.