26 Septiembre 2019
Departamento de Sistemas Multiagente
Nardine Osman

Norms are the rules that govern behaviour in groups and societies. They motivate and influence individual actions by dictating what values, beliefs, attitudes, and behaviours are deemed appropriate or not. Social norms have been extensively studied by anthropologists, sociologists, philosophers, and economists in the hope of understanding how they motivate individual actions, influence market behaviour, and so on. In this workshop, however, we present norms from a multiagent system's perspective, where norms are usually used to regulate behaviour in distributed open systems. We provide an introduction to normative systems and the various mechanisms for regimenting and enforcing norms. We also present our roadmap that allows for adaptive norms that evolve with people's evolving needs. Last but not least, we illustrate how norms can help address some of the ethical requirements, such as privacy, control and transparency.


Institution department: 
Multiagent Systems