11 December 2017
University of Southampton
Multiagent Systems Department
Jorge Palominos Villegas

The integration of new generators to the electrical networks has created the necessity of designing a more reliable network management system called Smart Grid (SG) with autonomous Microgrids (MGs). MGs have been widely studied because of their efficiency and low emissions. Nowadays, companies are installing power generation and storage systems into houses, and these are not being considered as part of the existing solutions. This report presents a new three level optimisation problem formulation. The formulation of the first level considers houses with generation and storage. The second level is considered houses and microgrids. The main difference at this level is that we propose not considering all the houses as being part of the microgrid, but only those houses that are managed by a company. We called them communities. Finally, in the third stage we are formulating the SG problem. This level is aware of the optimisation stages of the previous two levels. Moreover, our formulation considers the Optimal Power Flow, line transmission losses and costs.