07 May 2018
Technical University of Crete
Multiagent Systems Department
Georgios Chalkiadakis

Research in cooperative games often assumes that agents know the coalitional values with certainty, and that they can belong to one coalition only. By contrast, this work assumes that the value of a coalition is based on an underlying collaboration structure emerging due to existing but unknown relations among the agents; and that agents can form overlapping coalitions. Specifically, we first propose Relational Rules, a novel representation scheme for cooperative games with overlapping coalitions, which encodes the aforementioned relations, and which extends the well-known MCnets representation to this setting. We then present a novel decisionmaking method for decentralized overlapping coalition formation, which exploits probabilistic topic modeling—and, in particular, online Latent Dirichlet Allocation. By interpreting formed coalitions as documents, agents can effectively learn topics that correspond to profitable collaboration structures.