TitleUsing the Implication/Realization Model for Measuring Melodic Similarity
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2004
AuthorsGrachten M, Arcos JLluis
EditorPress IOS
Conference Name16th European Conference on Artificial Intelligence, ECAI 2004.
PublisherLopez de Mantaras, R. and Saitta, L.

The concept of melodic similarity has become increasingly relevant in the light of music retrieval and music content processing systems. We propose a new way of measuring melodic similarity, based on analyses of the melody according to the Implication/ Realization (I/R) model for melodic structure and cognition. The similarity is assessed as the edit-distance between these I/R analyses. We present some experiments and results, comparing this approach to edit-distance based measures on other melodic representations. We argue that the I/R representation combines some advantages of the other measures, and is a good compromise between concrete and abstract levels of melody representation.