TitleRANA: a Relationship-aware Negotiation Agent
Publication TypeBook Chapter
Year of Publication2014
AuthorsDebenham J, Sierra C
EditorLopes F
Book TitleNegotiation and Argumentation in Multi-agent Systems
PublisherBentham Books
CityLisbon, Portugal
KeywordsAgent architecture, Argumentation, Bargaining, Information theory, Multi-agent System., Negotiation, Rhetorics, Social relationships, Software Agent, Trust

Much has been written on the use of rhetorical argumentation to alter the beliefs of a partner agent within a particular negotiation. The problem addressed in this chapter is the measurement of the long-term value of rhetorical argumentation in repeated interactions between a pair of agents, and of the management of such argumentation to achieve strategic aims concerning the strength of the agents’ relationships. RANA is a relationshipaware negotiation agent in the context of information-based agents [1] that have embedded tools from information theory enabling them to measure and manage strategic information.